Open source hassle-free room booking system for schools.

Make better use of your ICT rooms by replacing your paper-based staff room booking sheets with a web application accessible from anywhere.

Version 1 now compatible with PHP 5.3+!

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Eliminate double bookings

A room can only be booked out for one period by one person, so there are no clashes.

Increase usage of ICT rooms

Allowing everyone to see what’s available and when allows them to easily book rooms in advance to match their own schedule.

No limits

Add as many rooms and users as you like, there are no limits imposed.

Easy to use

The system interface makes all information available at a glance, and makes it easy to see which rooms are available and when.

Custom timetable

Administrators are free to create their own weekly timetable schedule and recurring bookings, which suits most school timetabling.


Due to the web-based nature, the only requirement for access is a web browser. The server just needs PHP and MySQL.

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Here are just a few things the community has had to say about Classroombookings:

"I have to say that what you have done is fantastic! Thank you very much."
"my users love your app and it's been rock solid"
"just wanted to let you know that your system has been working great."
"I must say it is a great system."


v1.0.7 available
10 April 2015

Version 1.0.7 released - bug fixes

v1.0.3 available
20 May 2014

Version 1.0.3 released - mainly fixes an installation issue.

v1.0.2 available
10 June 2013

Version 1 has just been updated with a minor bug fix.

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